United States Department of Veterans Affairs

Advisory Committee Names and Objectives

The following list of 24 VA advisory committees includes 15 that have been established by statute (with an asterisk *) and 9 nonstatutory panels designed to provide advice on selected VA programs and policies. The advisory committees listed below are arranged alphabetically according to key words in their titles. Immediately following the list of committees are summaries of the committees’ objectives.

1. VA National Academic Affiliations Council

2. Advisory Committee on Cemeteries and Memorials *

3. Clinical Science Research and Development Service Cooperative Studies Scientific Evaluation Committee 

4. Advisory Committee on Disability Compensation *

5. Veterans’ Advisory Committee on Education *

6. Veterans’ Advisory Committee on Environmental Hazards *

7. Advisory Committee on Former Prisoners of War *

8. Genomic Medicine Program Advisory Committee 

9. Geriatrics and Gerontology Advisory Committee *

10. Research Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans’ Illnesses *

11. Health Services Research and Development Service Merit Review Board 

12. Advisory Committee on Homeless Veterans *

13. Joint Biomedical Laboratory Research and Development and Clinical Science Research and Development Services Scientific Merit Review Board 

14. Advisory Committee on Minority Veterans *

15. National Research Advisory Council 

16. Advisory Committee on Prosthetics and Special Disabilities Programs *

17. Advisory Committee on the Readjustment of Veterans *

18. Veterans’ Advisory Committee on Rehabilitation *

19. Rehabilitation Research and Development Service Scientific Merit Review Board 

20. Veterans’ Rural Health Advisory Committee 

21. Special Medical Advisory Group *

22. Advisory Committee on Structural Safety of Department of Veterans Affairs Facilities *

23. Department of Veterans Affairs Voluntary Service National Advisory Committee 

24. Advisory Committee on Women Veterans *