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The Federal Advisory Committee Act was enacted in 1972 to ensure that advice by the various advisory committees formed over the years is objective and accessible to the public. The Act formalized a process for establishing, operating, overseeing, and terminating these advisory bodies and created the Committee Management Secretariat to monitor compliance with the Act.  What follows are resources for Advisory Committees and prospective members regarding ethical conduct and participation is said committees.

Office of Government Ethics : Federal Employee Standards of Conduct

Office of Government Ethics : Executive Order 13490 - Prescribing Standards of Ethical Conduct 

Office of Government Ethics : Ethics Training for Special Government Employees 

Office of Government Ethics : Statutes related to conflicts of interest and financial disclosures 

Office of Government Ethics : Outside Employment Limitations 

General Services Administration : FACA Advice and Guidance 

General Services Administration : FACA Training Registration 

General Services Administration : Registered Lobbyists Serving on Advisory Committees 

Government Accountability Office : Issues Related to the Independence and Balance of Advisory Committees 

Government Accountability Office : Additional Guidance Could Help Agencies Better Ensure Independence and Balance 

Government Accountability Office : Advisory Committee Process Appears to Be Working, but Some Concerns Exist