United States Department of Veterans Affairs
Geriatric Research Education and Clinical Centers

Palo Alto GRECC


VA Palo Alto Health Care System
GRECC (640/182B)
Palo Alto, CA 94304-1207
Phone: (650) 858-3933
Fax: (650) 496-2505 or (650) 849-0484



Stanford University School of Medicine

GRECC Director:

Mary Goldstein, MD

Associate Director for Research:

Salman Azhar, PhD

Associate Director for Education and Evaluation:

Terri Huh, PhD

Associate Director for Clinical Programs:

Joyce Tenover, MD, PhD



Palo Alto GRECC Research:  Reparative uses of adult stem cells, molecular and cellualr biology of aging, Immune system, Depressions and/or anxiety in the aging,  Autoimmunity in aging


The Palo Alto GRECC serves elderly Veterans in northern California and northwest Nevada. In fiscal year 2009 staff produced 24 peer reviewed papers, provided 3,330 person hours of geriatric education, and expended $7,756,920 in research awards. Current research interests of the Palo Alto GRECC include: reparative use of adult stem cells; the cellular and molecular biology of aging; metabolism and endocrine disorders of aging; impact of oxidative stress on aging; immune system, cell biology, and cancer; the cellular and molecular mechanisms of Rheumatoid arthritis; autoimmune disorders and aging; managing osteoarthritis; depression, anxiety, and suicide in the elderly; clinical decision support for complex chronic illness; healthcare preferences of older adults; and mobility problems with aging. 


Education: Education programs are targeted for students, medical residents, fellows, clinical faculty, VA staff, VA patients, and members of the surrounding community. Seminars offered through didactic classroom settings and via electronic means. Conferences sponsored which feature nationally recognized scholars. Communication of information among researchers and geriatric clinicians promoted through lectures and written materials. Joint programs developed in collaboration with Stanford Geriatric Education Center (SGEC).


Clinical Focus:
Outpatient clinics which include primary care Geriatrics, interdisciplinary Geriatrics, and Geriatric Consultation clinics.   Affiliations with Home Based Primary Care, Palliative Care, Psychology Service, Social Work Service, and Extended Care Services. Areas of emphasis include dementia, depression, falls, caregiver support, and patient-provider communication.