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FFC/2014:  The 20th Federal Forecasters Conference

April 24, 2014  Washington, DC

Theme: The Roles of Government Forecasts

Government forecasts are critical to assessing the future needs of the nation.  These forecasts are used by those in the public and private sectors for planning and decision-making in a variety of areas: agriculture, energy, the environment, demographics, geologic hazards, healthcare, job trends, social security, veteran’s issues, and more.  For example, policy makers use forecasts to create laws, direct resources and establish budgets.  Individuals use forecasts of salary and employment trends to make career decisions, and nominal price forecasts and interest rate trends to decide whether to buy a home.  Government agencies are also consumers, using forecasts of weather and commodity supply and demand to project crop yield and prices.  Labor force projections are also based on government-produced projections of the population.

At FFC/20, presenters from a variety of agencies will share their experience in developing and using forecasts.  Add your voice to the conversation! Please join our discussion of the unique role played by federal forecasts, and how forecasts are used by the government, private industry, and the public.

Conference Announcement | 20th FFC Poster 

Morning Panel Session: 

   Mary Bohman

   Administrator, U.S. Department of Agriculture

   Economic Research Service


   Stephen C. Goss

   Chief Actuary

   Social Security Administration



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