Homeless Veterans

Homeless Veterans

The National Center on Homelessness Among Veterans

"Promoting data-driven, evidence-based solutions to end Veteran homelessness."

The National Center on Homelessness Among Veterans (NCHAV) works to promote recovery-oriented care for Veterans who are homeless or at-risk for homelessness by developing and disseminating evidence-based policies, programs, and best practices.  Established in 2009, the Center supports the implementation of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)'s Five Year Plan to End Homelessness Among Veterans, which stems out of Opening Doors - Federal Strategic Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness.  NCHAV's work is integrated and organized around four core activities:

  • Policy Analysis
  • Model Development & Implementation
  • Education & Dissemination
  • Research & Methodology

Specifically, the Center examines the prevalence of homelessness among Veterans, what services homeless Veterans use, and which programs most effectively serve them.  The Center also identifies Veterans who are at-risk of homelessness and determines how to successfully intervene to improve their housing stability.  Through a series of studies, NCHAV is producing a more accurate and reliable estimate of Veteran homelessness, investigating the demographic make-up of this population, and determining where they reside.  In addition, the Center is uncovering the factors that predict homelessness among Veterans; developing and implementing evidence-based interventions in housing, healthcare, and supportive services; formulating policy recommendations; and disseminating findings and training opportunities.

NCHAV is located in Philadelphia and works under the supervision of VA Central Office and Health Affairs in collaboration with the Directors of the VISNs for Regions 4 and 8 and the Philadelphia and Tampa VA Medical Centers.  The Center's primary academic partner is the University of Pennsylvania.  Center satellies are also operating in Tampa, Florida in collaboration with the University of South Florida, and in Bedford, Massachusetts in collaboration with the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

For more information about the NCHAV, please visit http://www.endveteranhomelessness.org/



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