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Office of Acquisition and Logistics (OAL)

VA Directives and Handbooks

VA Directives provide mandatory Department-wide policies.  VA Handbooks prescribe mandatory Department-wide procedures or operational requirements implementing policies contained in directives.  VA Directives and Handbooks are posted at  OAL issued Directives and Handbooks available include those listed below.  Note:  You may need to visit the VA Viewer Software page to view these documents.

No. Title Directive Handbook
0052 Affirmative Procurement, Recycling, and Waste/Pollution Prevention Programs   X
0053 Acquisition, Recycling, and Waste Prevention Awards Program   X
0057 VA Environmental Management System and Governing Environmental Policy X  
0100 Metric Transition Plan (Implementation and Guidance) X X
4080 Government Purchase Card Policy X X
7001 Property Management Regulation Directive | General Acquisition and Materiel Management Procedures X X
7002 Logistics Management X X
7125 Acquisition and Material Management Policy General Procedures X X
7125.1 Accountability X  
7126.1 Central Office Controlled Items X  
7126.2 Procurement Sources and Programs X X
7127 Materiel Management Procedures X X
7127.1 Accounting Requirements X  
7127/4 Materiel Management Procedures   X
7127/5 Materiel Management Procedures   X
7128 Storage and Distribution X X
7129 Federal Specifications, Standards and Commercial Item Description X  
7129/1 Federal Specifications, Standards and Commercial Item Description X  
7240 Transportation and Traffic Management X X
7241 Transportation and Motor Vehicles X X
7343 Utilization of Personal Property X X
7343.1 Direct Donation of Information Technology (IT) and Research Equipment X X
7345 Sale, Abandonment, or Destruction of Personal Property X X
7345.1 General - Sale of Personal Property X  
7346 Utilization and Disposal of Personal Property X X
7401.3 Selling Authority Certification X X
7401.6 Limited Authority to Pay by Purchase Card X X
7401.7 Unauthorized Commitments and Ratification X X
7408.1 Requesting Waivers from the Requirement to use VA Federal Supply Schedules X X
7433.2 Bid Protest Decision Letter X  
7433.3 Alternative Means of Dispute Resolution (ADR) Program for Acquisition X X