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The Office of Business Oversight (OBO) organization was established in February 2004 as a result of a realignment and consolidation of existing review organizations and functions currently spread throughout the Department. OBO is organized into a director's office and two supporting services, the Management Quality Assurance Service (MQAS) and the Internal Controls Service (ICS), all located in Austin, Texas. 

Previously, throughout the Department there was a lack of separation of responsibility between the policy offices, program offices, and the review groups. There was not a clear separation of responsibility and authority between the development of policies and procedures and the oversight of compliance with those policies and procedures. The creation of OBO establishes a clear delineation between establishing policy, implementing programs, and ensuring compliance with policy. OBO, however, will seek to continually foster communications between the policy, program, and review activities. Developing a cooperative relationship between these activities is seen as a priority.

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