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VHA Pain Management



VHA Pain Management Education Programs

  • Interdisciplinary Chronic Pain Management Training Team Program  This program is based on the biopsychosocial approach to managing chronic pain and has been developed to offer VA providers the information and tools necessary to effectively treat veterans with chronic pain conditions within the interdisciplinary framework. The goal is to assist VA sites in developing their own interdisciplinary pain management programs. Please email Susan Laill, RN Susan.Lail@va.gov and Jill Klayman, PhD Jill.Klayman@va.gov for more information.

  • Chronic Pain Primer  A brief introductory text that provides basic information regarding chronic pain and multidisciplinary treatment.

  • Opiate Risk Mitigation Powerpoint Presentation 

  • Opioid Initiation Note 

  • Opioid Monitor Template

Taking Opioids Responsibly for Your Safety and the Safety of Others:

Patient Information Guide on Long-term Opioid Therapy for Chronic Pain

This link provides a patient information guide on taking opioids responsibly and safely. It is a document that is intended to help Veterans understand how the VA may use opioids as part of a pain treatment plan. It reviews specific "dos and don'ts" for taking opioids as well as how to manage side effects and prescriptions. Providers are encouraged to review, discuss, and distribute printed copies to Veterans, while Veterans are encouraged to use this tool to enhance communication with providers. Ensuring that Veterans are informed about opioid medications will help everyone work together to manage chronic pain more effectively. 

  • Taking Opioids Responsibly