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From North East Philadelphia/I-95:

Follow I-95 to the Delaware State line where traffic exits onto I-495 South toward Baltimore.


Follow I-495 to the last exit sign (past exit #1) which will read “To Exit 5”  “141- Newport ”.  This is a far right lane exit.  You will go over I-95.


Follow this exit, staying in the far right lane to Exit 5B which is

“North 141 and Newport.


After entering North 141 immediately change to middle lane to avoid “Exit Only” lane ahead.


Follow North 141 to the Exit 6 A (DE 2 East – Wilmington). 


As you exit off DE 141 onto (East 2) gradually, move to the left lane.  Continue straight to the 4th light, then one left lane light past main entrance and park in the lower lot.