Veterans Crisis Line Badge



Start out going NORTHEAST on E 38TH ST toward HOLLAND ST . Turn RIGHT onto OLD FRENCH RD /PA-97. Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto PA-505/PERRY HWY. Continue to follow PERRY HWY. Merge onto I-90 E via the ramp on the LEFT. Merge onto I-86 E via EXIT 37 toward JAMESTOWN (Crossing into NEW YORK).Take the US-219 S exit, EXIT 23, toward LIMESTONE/BRADFORD PA. Turn RIGHT onto US-219 S (Crossing into PENNSYLVANIA). Take the FORMAN ST/PA-346 W ramp. Turn LEFT onto DAVIS ST/PA-346. Turn RIGHT onto FORMAN ST /PA-346. End at 23 Kennedy St Bradford, PA 16701-2065. Turn RIGHT onto KENNEDY ST. Turn RIGHT onto MAIN ST/PA-346.