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Volume XV - Payroll

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Chapter Title Approved Date* Revision
1 Payroll:  Overview 11/22/2011  
2 Payroll:  Allowances 02/16/2011 12/11/2012
Appendix C-1
3 Payroll:  Awards and Incentives 02/16/2011 08/14/2012
Appendix B-2
4 Payroll:  Deductions 02/16/2011 02/05/2013
Appendix A, Annual Federal Tax Updates
5 Payroll:  Hours of Duty and Leave 11/22/2011 11/06/2012
Appendix C-10
6 Payroll:  Payments 09/18/2012 11/06/2012
Appendix I
7 Retirement Contributions 10/25/2013  
8 Thrift Savings Plan 10/25/2013  
*Dates are linked to the CFO Approval Memorandum.

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