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  1. …that the average hotel purchases more products in a week than 100 families purchase in an entire year?
  2. …that in Fiscal Year 2000, the federal government spent more than $9 billion on travel for mission-related business around the world?
  3. …that federal travelers use 24 million room nights of hotel space in the United States annually?
    EPA — Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Guide: Green Your Meetings and Conferences
  4. …that if every commuter took one more person to work, the U.S. would save 600,000 gallons of gas every day and prevent the release of 12 million pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere?
    Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Governor’s Green Government Council — Green at Work Guide
  5. …that per passenger mile public transportation is twice as efficient as private transportation?
    U.S. Department of Justice — Green Your Office