United States Department of Veterans Affairs
a woman handing some mail to a man across a desk

Mail Management

The Office of Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Mail Management is located in Denver, Colorado at the Health Administration Center. The VHA Mail Management Officer oversees a yearly mailing expenditure in excess of $155,000,000 VHA wide. Approximately $55 Million dollars are postage costs associated with VA Medical Centers nationwide. The Consolidated Mail Out Pharmacy Program generates the remaining $100 Million in costs.

The Mail Manage is VA's in-house consultant for all mailing questions. The VHA Mail Manager is the liaison between the field units, VACO, General Services Administration and the United States Postal Service.

The VHA Mail Manager has worked extensively with the General Services Administration in the mail arena. During the spring of 2003, the VHA Mail Manager was asked to speak at the GSA Federal Mail Managers Conference. The topic he addressed was cost containment and Commercial Mail Meters. The audience was comprised of over 200 Federal Mail Managers and representatives from United States Postal Service. GSA recently requested that the VHA Mail Manager moderate a course for the first ever GSA Mail Symposium scheduled for February 2005.