United States Department of Veterans Affairs
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Mail Management

The Office of Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Mail Management is located in Denver, Colorado under the purview of the Chief Business Office Purchased Care. The VHA Mail Management Officer oversees a yearly mailing expenditure in excess of $450,000,000 VHA wide. With approximately $250 Million dollars of the reported $450,000,000 dollars having direct association with postage costs reported by approximately 150 VA Medical Centers nationwide. Leaving the Consolidated Mail Out Pharmacy (CMOP) Program which also falls within the VHA Mail Manager’s area of responsibility as having responsibility for the remaining $200,000,000 dollars in VHA mail costs.

The Mail Manager is VA's in-house consultant for all mailing questions. The VHA Mail Manager is the liaison between the field units, VACO, General Services Administration and the United States Postal Service.

The VHA Mail Manager works in collaboration with the VA Mail Manager, Veterans Benefit Administration (VBA) Mail Manager, the National Cemetery Mail Manager, and the General Services Administration on all mail matters throughout the Department of Veterans Affairs. The VHA Mail Management Officer evaluates financial trends, assist VHA entities with budgeting, sets and determines VHA compliance guidelines, oversees, and lastly initiates a report regarding all postal cost associated with mail expenditures VHA wide.