United States Department of Veterans Affairs

Pharmacy Benefits


CHAMPVA offers a robust pharmacy benefit, paying 75% of the allowable charge at your local pharmacy for prescription medication. MEDS BY MAIL is also offered.

Local Pharmacies That Accept CHAMPVA

Pharmacies that are a part of the Catamaran network collect your 25% cost share along with the annual deductible and send the claim to CHAMPVA for the remaining amount. Most pharmacies participate in the Catamaran network.  If you find one that does not, you will have to pay the full cost of the medication and submit a claim to CHAMPVA yourself. To find a pharmacy that participates in the Catamaran network, visit their website at https://vahac.rxportal.sxc.com.

Meds by Mail

Meds by Mail offers prescription medication delivered to your home. The best part of Meds by Mail is that there is NO cost share or co-pay. The medication is provided at no out of pocket cost to you! Click here for details on Meds By Mail.

Important Note

Prescription medication must be FDA approved and must not be used in conjunction with any experimental program.