United States Department of Veterans Affairs

Frequently Asked Questions

Should veterans with VA-rated service-connected disabilities apply for Foreign Medical Program (FMP) authorization prior to traveling abroad?

Although veterans who are permanently relocating to a country under the FMP's jurisdiction are encouraged to notify the Health Administration Center (HAC) upon establishing a permanent foreign mailing address, service-connected veterans who are simply traveling abroad need not bother with notification. Since HAC preauthorization is only required for medical equipment with a purchase price of $300 (US) or more, traveling veterans who require healthcare services for their service-connected conditions may do so and later file a claim with HAC for reimbursement or payment to the provider.

Are VA furnished medications available under the Foreign Medical Program (FMP)?

Due to the international restrictions associated with the shipment of prescription drugs, FMP does not offer a pharmacy mailout program. Physicians should only prescribe medications that are legally available with the veteran's country of residence and are accepted by VA and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Are veterans who are Foreign Medical Program (FMP)-eligible, restricted to specific healthcare providers?

While veterans may select providers of their choice, it is recommended that the selected providers have the ability to produce their medical documents and billing statements in English. Documentation and billing statements that are submitted in a foreign language will require contracted translation services which will delay claims processing and payment. For claim integrity reasons, translations by anyone other than the provider or the FMP translation contractor will not be accepted.

Does the Foreign Medical Program (FMP) authorization cover required healthcare services while the veteran is back visiting in the United States?

No. FMP authorizations are limited to healthcare services obtained in foreign countries only. Should services be required while in the United States, the veteran should contact the nearest VA healthcare facility. In addition to not covering services received in the United States, FMP authorizations do not cover services received in the Philippines.

How are payments made for Foreign Medical Program (FMP) benefits?

All FMP payments are made by US treasury checks, issued in US currency. Payments are based on the exchange rate applicable to the date service was rendered, or in the case of hospitalization, the discharge date.