United States Department of Veterans Affairs

Locating a Provider

The programs administered by the Health Administration Center do not have a network of providers. You are free to select a provider from any licensed provider in your area. However, there are a few ways to find a provider who accepts our programs:

You can also look for a provider using the TRICARE provider list available at http://www.tricare.osd.mil/standardprovider. You can then select a ZIP Code area and a specialty and conduct your search. A list of providers will be displayed. This list is generated by TRICARE and includes any provider that has seen a patient in the past 24 months. Some of these providers may no longer be seeing TRICARE patients. We recommend that you call the providers office to see if they are still accepting patients. Be sure to identify yourself as a CHAMPVA beneficiary and ask if they will accept your health plan. Feel free to give the provider our web address or contact information if they want to know more about the plan before they decide to see you.

Many CHAMPVA beneficiaries are also covered under Medicare. You can locate a Medicare provider through their website at www.medicare.gov. Simply scroll down the page to the area that displays “Search Tools”. They have a variety of tools to help you find a provider in your local area that accepts Medicare. Since CHAMPVA pays at the same rates as Medicare, some Medicare providers will take a CHAMPVA patient that does not have Medicare coverage. Be sure to call the provider's office and clearly identity if you are enrolled in both Medicare and CHAMPVA, or just CHAMPVA.

Pharmacies: Check out information on pharmacies at our Pharmacy Benefits Page where you can search via SXC Health Solutions, Inc (SXC).

CITI: Some VA medical facilities participate in this program and will see a CHAMPVA beneficiary (unless you have Medicare.) Check out the information on our CITI page.