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Children of Women Vietnam Veterans (CWVV)

Children whose biological mother is a Vietnam Veteran, who were conceived after the date on which the Veteran entered the Republic of Vietnam, during the period beginning on February 28, 1961, and ending May 7, 1975, and who have one of the covered birth defects, as determined by the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) are eligible for the program.


The CWVV Health Care Program is a Federal health benefits program administered by the Department of Veterans Affairs, for children with certain birth defects born to women Vietnam Veterans. The CWVV Program is a Fee for Service (indemnity plan) program. The CWVV Program provides reimbursement for medical care-related conditions associated with certain birth defects except CWVV, which is covered under the VAs CWVV Program.


In general, the program covers most healthcare services and supplies that are medically or psychologically necessary for the treatment of conditions related to CWVV. While some services require specific advance approval or preauthorization, the following services are specifically excluded from coverage

  • care unrelated to CWVV
  • care as part of a grant study or research program
  • care considered experimental or investigational
  • drugs not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for commercial marketing
  • services, procedures or supplies for which the beneficiary has no legal obligation to pay, such as services obtained at a health fair
  • services provided outside the scope of the provider's license or certification
  • services rendered by providers suspended or sanctioned by a federal agency


Eligibility/Application Information: 1-888-820-1756
Healthcare Benefits Information/Registration

Contact Method Details
Phone: 1-888-820-1756
Fax: 303-331-7807
Mailing Address: VA Health Administration Center
CWVVV Healthcare Benefits
PO Box 469065
Denver CO 80246-9065

VA CWVV Healthcare Benefits Handbook

The VA CWVV Healthcare Benefits Handbook contains important information on VA CWVV healthcare benefits. Beneficiaries are encouraged to read it carefully prior to using their CWVV benefits.

VA CWVV Policy Manual