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VA Employees

The Project HERO dental contract with Delta Dental Federal Government Programs (Delta Dental) ended September 30, 2012. The Project HERO medical contract with Humana Veterans Healthcare Services (HVHS) ended March 31, 2013.
Please remember the following:

  • Reconcile any outstanding claims as soon as possible in order to ensure an efficient contract closeout.
  • Medical care may have been authorized for up to 90 days after March 31, 2013.  Please let Veterans who are receiving care through the Project HERO contract with HVHS know that the authorized care will continue to be covered.  After the expiration of the authorization, the care can still be provided but not through the Project HERO contract.
  • All eligible Veterans will continue to receive medical care through your local VA facilities.  If your facility is not able to provide the medical care Veterans need, your facility will continue to have the option to refer them for medical care in the community via sharing agreements, contract care options, or Non-VA Medical Care (Fee).

Thank you for participating in the Project HERO pilot program. The program helped us identify best practices for purchasing care from the community, which we are using as we develop other contracting efforts.

If you have any feedback or questions, please e-mail us at vhacoprojecthero@va.gov or visit our Intranet site closeout page at http://projecthero.hac.med.va.gov/project-status.asp .