United States Department of Veterans Affairs

CHAMPVA Beneficiaries & Providers

Service Line Level Adjudication (SLLA) Information Sheet

This information sheet provides an overview explanation of implementation of Service Line Level Adjudication (SLLA) initiative by CHAMPVA. Please check back frequently for updated information.

What is the SLLA initiative?

CHAMPVA is moving from Claim Level Adjudication to Service Line Level Adjudication.

  • Claim Level sums up all service lines and then calculates payment, deductible and cost share amounts.
  • Service Level calculates payment, deductible and cost share amounts for each service line.

Why is CHAMPVA undergoing this initiative?

This initiative allows CHAMPVA to honor a federal health care instruction, HIPAA 5010 mandate, to report payment, deductible, and cost share information at the service line level.

But most importantly, it affords our staff with the opportunity to provide both of our customers, our beneficiaries and the providers they see, with a more detailed, customer service-centric explanation of how we processed claims submitted.

What are some expected effects?

In the near term, moderate delays in our claims processing speed may be expected. This delay is in addition to the current delay we have been experiencing over the past several months.

These delays are unfortunate and we sincerely apologize. Please be assured we are working, on many fronts, to eliminate these delays to provide you with the timeliness you deserve.

Paper Explanation of Benefits will not reflect this change but will look the same. At this time the only method to receive a detailed EOB is to subscribe to Emdeon for 835 remittance advice (ERA). (Please note: Only health care providers who submit electronic claims will receive an electronic 835 remittance advice).

Again, at CHAMPVA we are diligently working to eradicate these interruptions and sincerely apologize for any delays during this time of adjustment. Providing exceptional customer service to you, our customers, is our goal and an honor.