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VA is required by law to increase their income threshold levels annually. Nonservice-connected and noncompensable 0% service-connected Veterans with income over the VA Income Thresholds pay outpatient and inpatient copays for their health care provided by VA. Lower income Veterans living in high cost areas may qualify for health care under the regionally determined Geographic Means Test (GMT) Thresholds. The income levels are usually higher under GMT thresholds. For example, a Veteran with one Dependent living in San Francisco could have an income up to $72,400 in 2008 and still qualify for VA health care under the GMT income thresholds. A Veteran with no Dependents from San Francisco would qualify with an income up to $63,350. GMT determined veterans receive a reduction of 80% of their inpatient copay for treatment of nonservice-connected conditions. GMT does not affect outpatient and long term care copays. The new VA Enrollment Threshold raises the income levels by 10% for both the VA Income and the GMT Thresholds, allowing more Veterans to become eligible for VA health care.

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