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Best Value

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Best Value:  The expected outcome of an acquisition that, in the government’s estimation, provides the greatest overall benefit in response to the requirement.

When determining best value, ordering activities should:

  • Identify what factors affect the overall value of the requirement
  • Determine the relative importance of individual factors and possible trade-offs in evaluating one over the other
  • Consider the differences between Schedule contractors

Consider the following factors when making a best value determination.

For orders not requiring a statement of work
Price Special features
Quality of proposed solution Warranty considerations
Environmental/energy efficiency Expertise of the offeror
Past performance record Trade-in considerations
Maintenance availability Delivery terms
Probable shelf life  
For orders requiring a statement of work
All negotiated pricing Qualifications
Prompt payment terms Shift differentials
Background investigation terms Past performance record

Note:  For orders under the 621 Professional & Allied Healthcare Staffing Services Schedule, do not rely on the base FSS price for price reasonableness or best value determination at the order level as the prices are “not to exceed” rates.  Instead, you should seek additional discounts.