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Commodities Schedules

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Commodities Schedules 65 II A 65 II C 65 II F 65 V A 65 VII 66 III

FSS commodity contracts are awarded for medical, dental, and x-ray equipment & supplies (including disposables and capital equipment); patient mobility devices (including walkers, wheelchairs, ramps, canes, etc.); invitro diagnostic, reagents, test kits, and test sets (including hematology, phlebotomy, urinalysis, chemistry, etc.); and cost-per-test.

icon_flatSquareRed-CaduceusFSC Group 65, Part II, Section A Medical Equipment & Supplies — Medical equipment and supply contracts are awarded for applicators/swabs/wipes/pads, heat/cold pads, bandages/gauzes, catheters, disposable contamination containers, dressings, gloves, hospital clothing, surgical implants, medical diagnostic instruments, needles/syringes/jet injectors, orthopedic/surgical supports, pacemakers, physiological monitors, disposable sets/kits/trays, sterilization products, surgical hand instruments, surgical handles/blades, and urine/specimen collection products.

icon_flatSquareOrange-ToothFSC Group 65, Part II, Section C Dental Equipment & Supplies — Dental equipment and supply contracts are awarded for diamond/carbide angles and handpieces, barrier materials, cutting, grinding, & polishing instruments/supplies, dental material, operatory, & related items, dental x-ray materials, endontic instruments/supplies, hand instruments, lab equipment, orthodontic supplies, stools/chairs/cabinets, and teeth.

icon_flatSquareRed-WheelchairFSC Group 65, Part II, Section F Patient Mobility Devices — Patient mobility devices contracts are awarded for patient aids, portable ramp systems, wheelchair accessories, as well as wheelchairs, scooters, and walkers.

icon_flatSquareGreen-xRayFSC Group 65, Part V, Section A X-Ray Equipment & Supplies — X-ray equipment and supply contracts are awarded for x-ray film, illuminators, processors, grids, cassettes, cutters/perforators, and video equipment.

icon_flatSquarePurple-SyringeFSC Group 65, Part VII In Vitro Diagnostics, Reagents, Test Kits, & Test Sets — Invitro diagnostic, reagent, test kit, and test set contracts are awarded for blood bank, chemistry, coagulation, hematology, histology/cytology, microbiology, phlebotomy, serology/immunology, and urinalysis tests.

icon_flatSquareLtBlue-glassBottleFSC Group 66, Part III Cost-Per-Test, Clinical Laboratory Analyzers — Cost-per-test and clinical laboratory analyzer contracts are awarded for clinical immunochemistry analyzers, clinical chemistry analyzers, clinical coagulation analyzers, clinical hematology analyzers, clinical microbiology analyzers, and clinical urinalysis analyzers.