United States Department of Veterans Affairs

CPRS: Text Integration Utility (TIU)

Clinical Section
Version 1.0

NameDate CreatedLast UpdatedDocument
Clinical Coordinator and User Manual2016-04-072016-05-05DOC (1.65 MB)
PDF (1.77 MB)
Generic HL7 Interface Handbook2006-10-062006-10-06DOC (2.39 MB)
PDF (1.71 MB)
Implementation Guide2001-10-012013-06-19DOC (1.08 MB)
PDF (1.65 MB)
Installation Guide1997-07-012008-01-28DOC (381.50 KB)
PDF (375.26 KB)
Quick Reference Card2001-04-012004-12-24DOC (93.50 KB)
PDF (143.47 KB)
Technical Manual2016-04-072016-05-05DOC (2.69 MB)
PDF (2.42 MB)
TIU Line Count (Patch TIU*1*250) Release Notes2010-08-162010-09-14DOC (243.50 KB)
PDF (159.60 KB)