United States Department of Veterans Affairs
Geriatric Research Education and Clinical Centers

Gainesville GRECC


 VA Medical Center (182)
1601 SW Archer Road
Gainesville, FL 32608
Phone: (352) 374-6077
Fax: (352) 374-6142

University of Florida at Gainesville

GRECC Director: 

Ron Shorr, MD

Associate Director for Research:

Stephen Borst, PhD

Associate Director for Education/Evaluation:

Carmen Fernandez, PsyD

Associate Director for Clinical Programs:

John Meuleman, MD




Gainesville Research Focus:  Impact of Aging on Metabolism, Neuroplasticity and stroke, Body composition and disability in aging

Research at the Gainesville GRECC spans the continuum between preclinical to implementation research in a variety of aging-relevant topics. Funded studies are ongoing in metabolism and hormone regulation; pharmacology; end of life care; improving end of life care; goal oriented treatment after acute hospitalization; patient safety and healthcare quality improvement; educating caregivers; preventing age related physical disabilities; treating and preventing age related cognitive disabilities; and self management of chronic health care conditions. In fiscal year 2009 the Gainesville GRECC produced 51 peer reviewed papers, and expended $5,358,993 in research awards.

The GRECC is the primary provider of gerontological education at the host-VA and affiliated university hospital. GRECC programs provide significant educational content to VA and university medical residents and allied health staff to enable them to provide care to elderly veterans. The GRECC provides significant professional training opportunities and hosts a Physician Geriatric Fellowship Program, and health traineeships in psychology, social work, occupational therapy, speech, audiology, nursing, and pharmacy. The GRECC extends its educational outreach via video teleconferencing and on-line programming and hosts local and regional educational programs focused on clinical geriatrics and targeted to the needs of health professionals caring for elderly veterans.

Clinical activities of the GRECC are integrated within programs of both the Gainesville and Lake City sites. GRECC clinical activities occur in the following settings: the nursing home care unit, geriatric evaluation and management unit (GEM), home-based primary care, respite care program, geriatric primary care clinic, gait/balance clinic, and community hospice/palliative care unit and a newly developed Acute Care for the Elderly (ACE) consultation unit.  Furthermore the Gainesville GRECC supports a number of clinical demonstration projects, including implementing snoezelen carts into institutional care of veterans with cognitive impairment and delirium, and integrating palliative care in intensive care unit settings.