United States Department of Veterans Affairs
Geriatric Research Education and Clinical Centers

Salt Lake City GRECC


VA Salt Lake City Health Care System
500 Foothill (182)
Salt Lake City, UT 84148
Phone: (801) 584-2522
Fax: (801) 583-7338



University of Utah


GRECC Director:

Mark Supiano, MD


Associate Director for Research:

Russell Richardson, PhD


Associate Director for Education and Evaluation:

Charlene Weir, PhD


Associate Director for Clinical Programs:

Randall Rupper, MD, MPH

 Salt  Lake City GRECC Research: Effects of exercise on aging and vascular  blood flow regulation, genetic characteristics of geriatric hypertension and vascular stifness, altered  inflammatory status in peripheral tissues and brain with advancing age.

The Salt Lake City GRECC was established in 1989. Currently it serves elderly Veterans in Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, and eastern Nevada. In fiscal year 2009 staff produced 27 peer reviewed papers, provided 4,240 person hours of geriatric education, and expended $6,706,215 in research awards. Its current research interests include: how inflammation in muscle, nerve, skin, and connective tissue affect the brain with advancing age; interactions among memory and learning, polypeptide regulation, and anti-inflammatories; neurohormonal and genetic characteristics of geriatric hypertension and blood vessel stiffness; testing interventions to improve outcomes; medical information system decision support tools; rural outreach approaches; and the effects of exercise and aging on vascular blood flow regulation.

Health Services: Using information technology to improve the delivery of veteran health care is a major focus of the Salt Lake City GRECC.

Education: Emphasizes profession-specific and interdisciplinary geriatric education. Clinical faculty, professional staff and students from medicine, dentistry, psychiatry, social work, nursing, psychology, dietetics, speech/audiology, rehabilitation and pharmacy participate in core lectures, seminars that are offered via electronic means and in didactic classroom settings. Local regional and national conferences are sponsored which feature recognized scholars. Approved Fellowships, Residencies and Traineeships are available for health and allied health students. Educational programs are integrated and coordinated with Univeristy of Utah schools and colleges.

Clinical: Operates a diagnostic and treatment specialty service for demonstration and development/implementation of new geriatric care strategies and quality assurance approaches. Geriatrics Medicine/Psychiatry, Geriatric Dermatology . Consultation for VAMC and outreach demonstration and consultation. Mini-residencies for health professonals at the Salt Lake City VAMC.