United States Department of Veterans Affairs
Geriatric Research Education and Clinical Centers

San Antonio GRECC

South Texas Veterans Healthcare System
GRECC (182)
7400 Merton Minter Blvd
San Antonio, TX 78294

Phone: (210) 617-5197
Fax: (210) 617-5312

University of Texas Health Sciences Center

GRECC Director:
Nicolas Musi, MD

GRECC Associate Director for Research:

Holly Van Remmen, PhD

Acting Associate Director for Education and Evaluation:

Sandra Sanchez-Reilly, MD (Acting)

Associate Director for Clinical:

Sara Espinoza, MD, MSc



San Antonio GRECC

The San Antonio GRECC was established in 1987.  GRECC faculty published 76 peer reviewed
manuscripts. This GRECC serves elderly Veterans in central and south Texas.  Its current research
interests include: metabolism and endocrine disorders in advancing age; nutrition in the elderly;
metabolic disease management in the elderly; sensory/impairment in the elderly; aging, ethnicity,
and the capacity to engage daily living activities; end of life care; healthcare utilization and quality
assessment; and the utilization of oral health services.

Research:  Metabolism and endocrinology in aging, frailty, sarcopenia, cognitive disorders, oral health 
in the elderly, palliative care, oxidative stress and basic biology of aging.

Education: Provides local, regional and national multidisciplinary and discipline-specific continuing
education programs; fellowship trainee programs in geriatric medicine and palliative care; dental
residency geriatric program; geriatric traineeships in social work, psychology, occupational therapy
and pharmacy; outreach programs off-site at VAMCs in our and adjacent Veterans Integrated Service
Networks (VISNs).

Clinical: Maintains, in association with Geriatrics and Extended Care, an outpatient geriatric
evaluation and management unit (GEM) and primary care geriatric clinics, inpatient acute care
service, as well as home care, day care, hospices and nursing home services.  Clinical sites
provide patient population for research in functional status, cognitive disorders and affective
disorders.  GRECC faculty members provide clinical research and administrative consultations
to other VAMCs.