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Subject:                                     Special Edition:  SSVF Program Update November 6, 2017


Topic:   SSVF NOFA Published in the Federal Register


A new SSVF NOFA has been published in the Federal Register. This NOFA provides funding opportunities for all existing grantees.  This NOFA is expected to be highly competitive and applicants are urged to closely review the NOFA and the associated training available on the SSVF website


The principal goal of this NOFA is to provide support to those applicants who demonstrate the greatest capacity to end homelessness through the adoption of evidence-based practices likely to lead to reductions in homelessness as defined by USICH's Federal Criteria and Benchmarks or, alternatively, Community Solutions Functional Zero.  Awards are for services to begin October 1, 2018. 


Applications are due no later than January 12, 2018 at 4pm EST.  Please contact if you have questions. 


Note:  Those SSVF programs with multi-year awards that are not required to submit a renewal application must submit a Letter of Intent indicating the agency’s desire to continue program operations in FY 2019.  The SSVF online grants management system (GIFTS) contains a Requirement form for these multi-year grantees.  The Letter of Intent Requirement form will request multi-year grantees to also provide proof of continued accreditation, a FY 19 budget, and a CoC letter of support.  Letter must contain detail described in Section II.C.7 of NOFA.  Please refer to the SSVF website to download the FY 19 Budget Template.  Letter of Intent Requirements are due no later than January 12, 2018 at 4 pm EST.  Please contact if you have questions.



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SSVF Program Office


NOTE:  If you are receiving this email in error, please disregard.  We request your patience as the SSVF Program Office continues to address system issues with the grants management database.