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Subject:                                                   SSVF Program Update Friday, December 21 2018




1.           Save the Date: SSVF Grantee Regional Meetings

2.           Important: Mandatory Return Exception for 1st Quarter FY19

3.           Update: SSVF Program Guide Updated December 2018

4.           Awareness: Request for Good News Stories Sent to VA Medical Centers


Save the Date SSVF Grantee Regional Meetings


Regional Meeting invitations have been sent. If you have not received the information, please contact your SSVF Regional Coordinator. Please note that it is a grantee’s responsibility to not only register for the regional meeting but also to attend as Regional Meetings are required VA trainings.


The January SSVF Regional Meetings will focus on SSVF's new Rapid Resolution intervention, including:

•            A Rapid Resolution Introduction and Overview

•            Setting the Stage for Rapid Resolution Planning and Implementation

•            Rapid Resolution System Planning, Expectations and Next Steps


This meeting is intended for organizational leadership and supervisory/management staff who are part of the day-to-day operation and service delivery of SSVF, especially those who participate in Veteran Leadership and Coordinated Entry planning groups in your local CoCs. This Regional Meeting will NOT include a full training on Rapid Resolution mediation and conflict resolution practices, though those topics will be addressed briefly. Grantees are encouraged to be strategic about who attends the Regional Meeting based on the topics listed above. The Regional Meeting will combine didactic, small group, and large group work across each of the topic areas.


SSVF Regional Meeting: Rapid Resolution Pre-Survey In preparation for the SSVF Regional Meetings in January, a survey link has been sent to grantees. The survey is meant to help us tailor the content and focus of the January 2019 SSVF Regional Meetings. Please note, this is NOT a compliance survey and no part of this survey will affect your SSVF grants or other funding considerations. This information will only be used to help us plan Regional Meetings to meet the needs of SSVF Grantees throughout the country. Your participating will assist us in ensuring that this is a meaningful experience for participants.


Important: Mandatory Return Exception for 1st Quarter FY19


Due to the first quarter FY19 implementation of an 8.17% increase to most SSVF grants, the program office will not be implementing the mandatory return process after the first quarter. As a reminder, the process requires grantees to have drawn down at least 15% of the full award by the end of the first quarter, if that standard is not met then a mandatory return is processed. The same process is adhered to after the 2nd and 3rd quarters with draw down minimums of 40% and 65% respectively. Please note that as of right now, the mandatory return process WILL be in effect after the second and third quarters of FY19. If you have any additional questions, please direct them to your Regional Coordinator.



Update: SSVF Program Guide Updated December 2018


The SSVF Program Guide has been updated as of December 1, 2018.  It is highly recommended that grantees review the complete guide and share with SSVF staff.   The new Program Guide is available on the SSVF website:


Awareness:  Request for Good News Stories Sent to VA Medical Centers


Last week the VA National Public Relations Office sent a message to all VA Medical Centers encouraging them to partner with SSVF grantees to develop and share good news stories with local media.   The SSVF Program Office is not requesting any action from grantees now but we ask for cooperation if you are asked by local VA Medical Center Public Relations Specialists to share good news stories about helping homeless Veterans.


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SSVF Program Office