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1.           Reminder: SSVF National Webinar, February 14, 2:00 EST

2.           Save the Date:  SSVF National Webinar, March 14, 2019 2:00 EST

3.           Update: Rapid Resolution Roll Out

4.           New: Determine Eligibility Instantly with SQUARES 2.0

5.           Update: Mandatory Fraud Awareness Webinar



Reminder: SSVF National Webinar, February 14, 2019 2:00 EST


Please register for SSVF Webinar Series: Overview of Rapid Resolution Plan Submission, New Learning Management System and New VA Repository Data Report on Feb 14, 2019 2:00 PM EST at:


The SSVF Program Office will provide an overview of the Rapid Resolution Plan Template and Submission process, an update on the New Learning Management System that will be launched in February 2019; ABT Associates will also present on the new data report that will be available to grantees. The new report will assist SSVF grantees in verifying data quality and accuracy.


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.


Save the Date: SSVF National Webinar, March 14, 2019 2:00 EST


Topic: Shared Housing


The SSVF Program Office will present a webinar on shared housing options for Veterans participating in SSVF.  As we continue to consider how to manage housing Veterans under the Affordable Housing Crisis, shared housing is yet another tool that can be useful, especially as we begin work of implementation of Rapid Resolution.  This webinar will include grantee presentations on promising practices for working with landlords, assisting with roommate matching and conflict resolution tips for participants residing in shared housing situations.


A registration link will be sent when available.


Important: Rapid Resolution Roll Out


Rapid Resolution Plan Templates are available on the SSVF Website and as an attachment to this SSVF Program update.   SSVF providers can utilize the Rapid Resolution Plan Templates to complete their initial Rapid Resolution Plans that are due to the SSVF Program Office on March 31st.  The SSVF program office encourages grantees to complete these plans with input from local VAMC and community stakeholders.  Between now and April, our office will be providing a series of webinars and trainings to assist with designing and submitting your Rapid Resolution System Plan as well as other topics to assist with Rapid Resolution Program implementation.   The SSVF Program Office will also release a collection of helpful documents that will include program guidance around Enrollments, TFA, HMIS, Compliance and Fiscal Controls.  We look forward to continuing this exciting work together as we roll out Rapid Resolution.


Determine Eligibility Instantly with SQUARES 2.0


SQUARES 2.0 is now live! This revised version of SQUARES includes important upgrades from the current version. Most notably it will offer detailed discharge status for the majority of inquiries, allowing instant determination of program eligibility and status of VHA enrollment (a description of SQUARES is attached).  Although SQUARES cannot be used as a substitute for VHA enrollment, programs such as SSVF and GPD that do not require VHA enrollment may use SQUARES as documentation for purposes of determining eligibility, much like a DD-214. To review the features and watch a tutorial on how to use SQUARES ,please go to:


As the information offered through SQUARES 2.0 is more detailed, permission to access it will now require a greater level of review and require users from community organizations to verify their identity. Community organizations serving Veterans will need to apply to access SQUARES. Please follow the instructions below for requesting access.


SQUARES Access and SQUARES Managers


SQUARES access is approved for VA grantee organizations. Each approved organization must appoint a manager, who will then apply for – and be approved by HPO for – Manager-level SQUARES access. Additional users in the organization will have their account requests approved by the Manager.


All SSVF, GPD, CERS, and HUD-VASH grantees are pre-loaded into SQUARES. For convenience, where the SSVF and GPD programs appear to be run out of different offices, they have been loaded into SQUARES as separate organizations; this way, each office can appoint its own Manager and manage its own access requests. If programs appear to be run out of the same office, they have been loaded as one organization, and the various programs will have one common manager. The pre-loaded organizations – with pre-approved managers – are attached to this email.


Note each individual can only manage one organization, and each organization can only have one Manager. So, if you intend to have different managers keep track of your GPD and SSVF staff, you will need to ensure you have separate listings for those programs. On the other hand, if you want the same manager to approve GPD and SSVF staff, you must ensure you have one listing for both programs.


Please review this list and let us know at if your organization is erroneously split across two separate listings that should be merged, or, conversely, if your office does not appear here (presumably because it was merged with another listing). While SQUARES is now available for community organizations, VA staff will be unable to access SQUARES until March 1.  VA Homeless Services staff interested in SQUARES access should email


Also let us know if someone other than the individual listed will serve in the Manager role for your organization.


Update: Mandatory Fraud Awareness Webinar


The SSVF Program Office has updated the required fraud awareness webinar.  The updated webinar titled “Mandatory Fraud Awareness Training” replaces the previous webinar titled “Audit Guidelines, Fraud Prevention, Reporting and Compliance”.  The webinar is a requirement for all staff working in SSVF at your organization.  This presentation will provide a basic overview on fraud, including internal controls, detection and summation of SSVF incidents. 


Please see a link to the recording for the webinar listed above:



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SSVF Program Office