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1.            REGISTER NOW: SSVF National Webinar February 8, 2018 at 2PM Eastern

2.            UPDATE:  HHS Payment Management System Subaccount Consolidation Process

3.            NEW: Program Change Request Requirements now available in GIFTS



REGISTER NOW: SSVF National Webinar February 8, 2018 at 2PM Eastern


Topic:  FY16 Annual Report Highlights and SSVF Grant Administration Updates This webinar will provide highlights from the recently published SSVF FY 16 Annual Report and will also review key changes and updates to the SSVF grant administration requirements for grantees.

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UPDATE:  HHS Payment Management System Subaccount Consolidation Process


The HHS Payment Management System subaccount consolidation process has been completed. A quality assurance check has been done on a sampling of grants and the process looks to have been completed without any errors. However, please take the time to login and verify that local accounting records match what is showing in the Payment Management System. As a reminder, the process moved remaining TFA funds (i.e. funds not drawn down via requests submitted and approved by 01/26/2018) into the Services subaccount. When reviewing the system, the admin subaccount remains unchanged and the Services subaccount will be a combination of what was originally authorized plus the remaining TFA subaccount funds.


For example:

             At the start the year a grant had $100,000 authorized in ADM, $500,000 authorized in SER and $400,000 authorized in TFA ($1,000,000 total).

             Total drawdowns through 01/26/18 amounted to $10,000 from ADM, $100,000 from Services and $100,000 from TFA. ($210,000 in total).

             As of today the new authorized amounts are ADM: $100,000, SER: $800,000 and TFA: $100,000.

             Given the amount drawn from each account so far, the remaining balances are now: ADM: $90,000, SER: $700,000 and TFA: $0.


If, when reviewing the system, there appears to be a discrepancy, please email Be sure to include your grant ID (XX-YY-ZZ) in the subject line.


This consolidation will remain in place through the remainder of the 2018 grant period. Additionally, more information will be provided regarding any reporting procedures that may be modified based on the reduced number of HHS subaccounts, such as program change requests.  Grantees are reminded that TFA limitations described in the NOFA are still in effect and the SSVF Program Office will continue to monitor the TFA data reported in the HMIS monthly reports, as well as the quarterly certification reports.  The new SSVF HHS subaccount structure will be reviewed in further detail on the February 8, 2018 National Grantee Webinar.


Program Change Request Requirements now available in GIFTS


All requests for program changes, including budget modifications, must be submitted to the SSVF program office though the GIFTS grant management system.   The Program Change requirement form must be submitted by March 1, 2018.  Grantees are encouraged to review the Program Change Companion Guide prior to submitting their change request in GIFTS.  The Companion Guide provides detailed instructions for completing the Program Change requirement form and includes information on timelines for submission and approval of requests.  The Program Change Companion Guide is attached to this update and can be found on the SSVF website at:


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NOTE:  If you are receiving this email in error, please disregard.  We request your patience as the SSVF Program Office continues to address system issues with the grants management database.