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1.            Save the Date: SSVF National Webinar, June 13, 2019, at 2:00 EST

2.            New: Updated Rapid Resolution Compliance Guide

3.            Reminder: SSVF Program Change Request Requirements available in GIFTS

4.            Reminder: SQUARES 2.0 is Now Live

5.            Reminder: SSVF Learning Management System – Learning Manager



Save the Date: SSVF National Webinar, June 13, 2019, 2:00 EST


This webinar will provide an overview of the new SAMHSA SSI/SSDI Outreach, Access, and Recovery (SOAR) for Children initiative.   During the presentation, Kristin Lupfer and Jen Elder from the SOAR TA center will describe how the SOAR model can assist children in Veteran families, who have disabling conditions, access income and health insurance to stabilize housing and maximize treatment options. The presenters will cover child SSI eligibility, the SOAR Online Course: Child Curriculum, and how grantees can become involved in their local SOAR initiative. Kristin and Jen will be available for questions from grantees about SOAR for Children and can assist in connecting grantees to local, state, and national SOAR contacts.


Registration link to follow.



New: Updated Rapid Resolution Compliance Guide


The SSVF Program Office has released the latest version of the Rapid Resolution Compliance Guide.   The guide was developed to help grantees in preparing to add Rapid Resolution services to their SSVF programs.   This document will guide grantees on enrollment principles, documentation standards, use of temporary financial assistance and HMIS data entry requirements. 

The updated Rapid Resolution Compliance Guide is available on the SSVF Website at:


Reminder: SSVF Program Change Request Requirements available in GIFTS


The SSVF Program Change requirements are now available in GIFTS.  All requests for program changes, including budget modifications, must be submitted to the SSVF Program Office through the GIFTS grant management system by June 1, 2019.  

This requirement is OPTIONAL and should only be submitted if your agency is requesting a reportable change to your program or budget.  Please review the Program Change Companion Guide to determine if a Program Change Request is necessary before submitting the requirement through GIFTS.  The Program Change Companion Guide includes descriptions of the various types of program changes and is available on the SSVF website at:

For any questions, please contact your Regional Coordinator.


Reminder: SQUARES 2.0 is Now Live


SQUARES 2.0 is an update on VA’s online tool that provides reliable and detailed information about individuals’ Veteran status and eligibility. Information from SQUARES can be printed out and be substituted for a DD214, enabling grantees to enroll participants without waiting for paperwork that can delay care. For more information, go to


Reminder: SSVF Learning Management System – Learning Manager


The SSVF Program Office and TAC have developed a new web-based Learning Management System to enhance learning opportunities for SSVF grantees.   The new interactive system will allow grantees to review educational materials and track completed coursework through a user-friendly interface.   We are asking all SSVF grantees to designate a Learning Manager for the new Learning Management System. The Learning Manager will be granted access to manage all grantee's user licenses, to access the system's various reporting features, and to track the completion and scoring of learner activities.  Please complete the survey monkey link below to identify the Learning Manager for your SSVF grant.



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