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1.           Save the Date:  SSVF National Webinar November 8, 2018 at 2 PM Eastern

2.           FY19 SSVF Participant Satisfaction Survey Update

3.           Important: FY19 Changes to the SSVF HHS Account in the Payment Management System

4.           Activation of FY19 HHS Account for Grantees on Extension

5.           FY2018 End of Year Closeout Certification

Save the Date:  SSVF National Webinar November 8, 2018 at 2 PM Eastern


The SSVF National Webinar will review updates on SSVF program management and grantee reporting expectations for the new grant year, such a key deadlines and access to tools that assist with maintaining compliance with the SSVF grant.  Registration link to follow.


FY19 SSVF Participant Satisfaction Survey Update


All grantees have received the web link to be used to register Veterans to take the Participant Satisfaction Survey, for use in the new fiscal year.  If you do not have your registration link for FY19, please contact M. Davis and Company, Inc. at or 215-790-8900 x124.  The registration process is exactly the same as FY18.  As a reminder, here are a few points of which to take note:

TIP:  Please ensure the registration link is saved as a desktop shortcut on all PC’s which will be used to register Veterans.

•            The registration portal displays the Grant ID at the top of the welcome screen. If an organization operates multiple SSVF grants, grantees will be able to easily verify that staff is using the appropriate link by verifying the Grant ID at the top of the screen.

•            When registering multiple Veterans, you must close your browser window after registering each Veteran.  To begin the next registration, you must re-access the registration link from your desktop shortcut (do not use your browser’s “back” button).

•            MDAC strongly recommends saving the “Thank You” screen of each registration for your records. 

•            When a Veteran is registered using an e-mail address, the Veteran will receive the survey link via e-mail within 2 minutes of registration.

•            When a Veteran is registered using a telephone number connected to a smart phone, the Veteran will receive a text message with the survey link within 15 minutes.

•            Again, if you have not received the survey registration link or if you have any questions regarding the registration process, please contact M. Davis and Company at: or 215-790-8900 x124.



Important: FY19 Changes to the SSVF HHS Account in the PMS The HHS Payment Management System (PMS) will no longer divide SSVF grant funds among three subaccounts.  FY19 SSVF grants within the HHS PMS will consist of only one (1) HHS account from which to draw down funds.  The HHS PMS account naming convention is YEAR-STATE-###-19.  Compliance with SSVF program requirements and budget limitations must still be maintained.  Grantees are obligated to track and document program expenses according to the approved budget and for monitoring and audit purposes, grantees are required to provide supporting documentation for all expenses (i.e. Administrative costs cannot exceed 10% of total award).  As a reminder, grantees must spend at least 90 percent of grant funds on the provision and coordination of supportive services, including temporary financial assistance. The SSVF grant program allows grantees to spend a maximum of 10 percent for administrative costs (both direct and indirect).  Although there is only one account from which to draw funds, it is incumbent on the grantee to track all expenditures according to the submitted and approved budget on file with the SSVF Program Office.  Further guidance on how to apply the single HHS PMS subaccount to the Program Change Process will be provided to SSVF grantees by the end of the first quarter.

Activation of FY19 HHS account for Grantee on Extension For those grantees that requested a 1-month extension of the FY18 grant period, but do not require the full month to meet program goals and spend down funds, HHS activations for FY19 will occur every two weeks after 10/1/18.  It is imperative that grantees email the Regional Coordinator (email subject line must include your SSVF grant ID) to notify the program office of the last day they incur SSVF expenses of their FY18 award.  At that time, the grantee’s FY 19 HHS account will be activated in the next round of grants. 

For example, if a grantee requested a 1-month extension (thru 10/30/2018) and identifies the last day of incurred expenses to the FY18 grant is on 10/11/18, then the grantee must email the SSVF Regional Coordinator to report this final date of expenditures and confirm the end of the grant extensions.  Having completed these steps, the grantee can expect the HHS PMS account for the FY19 grant award to be activated on 10/15/18.  If the last day of incurred expenses to the FY18 grant is identified between 10/15/18 and 10/31/18, then activation will occur on 11/01/18.  To be clear, if a grantee with an extension does not notify the program office of the final day their grant incurred FY18 expenses, then the SSVF program office will assume the full month extension was needed and will activate the FY19 HHS PMS accounts between 11/1/18 and 11/15/18.

FY2018 End of Year Closeout Certification


All SSVF grantees with grants that operated during FY2018 must complete the FY2018 End of Year Closeout Certification within the online GIFTS grants management system.  These requirement forms are due by November 14, 2018 and are available within the GIFTS user account portal (Note: Grantees with 1-month extensions must submit the requirement by December 15, 2018). 

A critical component of the End of Year Closeout Certification is the VA customized FY18 Financial Expenditure Report (FER).  This is an excel file that has been provided to each SSVF grantee via email and must be attached to the GIFTS online requirement form (Note: Grantees with 1-month extensions will receive their customized SSVF Financial Expenditure Report via email by November 6, 2018).


The SSVF Program Office has provided a companion guide to assist grantees in the completion of the FY18 closeout requirement, which is available on the SSVF website under SSVF Online Grants Management System (GIFTS):


The GIFTS account portal can be found at:


If you have questions, please contact