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1.            Happy New (Fiscal) Year, SSVF!

2.            IMPORTANT: FY18 SSVF Participant Satisfaction Survey Update

3.            Save the Date: SSVF National Webinar October 12, 2017 at  2PM Eastern:- VA SSVF Unannounced Standardized Veteran (USV) Program



Happy New (Fiscal) Year, SSVF!


The VA SSVF Program would like to wish all grantees a Happy New Year and thank you for working to meet the final FY 17 repository upload reporting schedule.  As we close out FY17 and begin FY18, the program office we will be sending out details later this week with instructions related to close out reporting requirements as well as fiscal year start up activities. 



IMPORTANT: FY18 SSVF Participant Satisfaction Survey Update


Beginning 10/1/17, all Grantees must utilize a NEW web link to register Veterans to take the Participant Satisfaction Survey. Grantees have received an e-mail containing the new web link from M. Davis.  The FY17 registration link will NOT work as of 9/30/17. With the exception of navigating to a different URL, the process for registering Veterans will be exactly the same; however, there are a few new features of which Grantees will want to take note:


•             When a Veteran is registered and an e-mail address is provided, the Veteran will receive the survey link via e-mail within 2 minutes of registration.

•             If a smart phone number is provided when registering the Veteran, a text message with the survey link will be sent within 15 minutes.

•             The welcome screen for the registration portal will now display the Grant ID at the top of the screen. If an organization has multiple grants, Grantees will be able to easily verify that staff is using the appropriate link.

•             A recorded webinar detailing the changes for the new fiscal year can be viewed at

•             A copy of the revised survey is attached.  Survey is shorter and easier for Veterans to complete.


Grantee action steps:

1.            Require all staff to view the pre-recorded webinar and the survey attachment (include subcontractor staff)

2.            Reinforce with staff the survey requirements to register all Veterans within 30 days of exit.

3.            Develop a system to ensure all Veterans are registered.


If you have not received the link or if you have any questions regarding the registration process, please then contact M. Davis and Company, Inc. to obtain your new registration link: or 215-790-8900 x124


Save the Date: SSVF National Webinar October 12, 2017 at 2PM Eastern- VA SSVF Unannounced Standardized Veteran (USV) Program


Topic VA SSVF Unannounced Standardized Veteran (USV) Program



The SSVF National Grantee Webinar will cover a new quality improvement initiative that will be rolled out on FY18 that will assess adherence to “No Wrong Door” approach for addressing Veteran homelessness.


Registration link to follow.


Thank you.


SSVF Program Office


NOTE:  If you are receiving this email in error, please disregard.  We request your patience as the SSVF Program Office continues to address system issues with the grants management database.