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Sent:                                                         Friday, March 22, 2019 5:07 PM

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Subject:                                                   Special Edition SSVF Program Update: Wednesday, November 21, 2018




1.           Happy Thanksgiving!

2.           FY 2019 Grant Agreement Addendum Requirement Due November 26, 2018

3.           FY 2019 Budget Submission Due December 12, 2018

4.           NOTICE: FY 2019 Grant Resolution Requirement Available Next Week



FY 2019 Grant Agreement Addendum Requirement Due November 26, 2018


Grantees should have received email notification of the process required for accepting the funding increase to the SSVF grant awards for FY 2019.   The email notification provides a copy of the Addendum template and identifies the funding amount increase for the grant award.  A GIFTS Requirement has been published to each Grantee’s GIFTS account portal.  Grantees have already received the signed SSVF Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for FY 2019.  VA is offering an increase to each grant of 8.17%.  This increase constitutes the reinstatement of the 5.7% uniform reduction that was applied to the original grant amount for FY 2019, as well as a 2% uniform funding increase for all grantees. 

To accept this funding increase, SSVF grantees must follow the instructions provided within the Addendum notification.  This includes printing and signing the Addendum template, attaching and submitting a copy of the signed Addendum to the online GIFTS Addendum Requirement NO LATER THAN Monday, November 26, 2018, and mailing the original Addendum, with the original signature, to VA at the following address:  SSVF Program Office, 4100 Chester Avenue, Suite 201, Philadelphia, PA 19104.  Please send all mailings no later than Tuesday, December 4, 2018.   Access your GIFTS account at this link:



Note:  When considering your budget revision and the allocation of increased funding, grantees are expected to consider applying a portion of the increased funding for training that is designed to support CoC efforts of building local capacity around Coordinated Entry Systems (CES).  In order to maximize the use of resources, this training can be provided in collaboration with other SSVF providers and may include CoC participants involved in CES.


If you choose to decline the 8.17% funding increase, please indicate this within the Addendum requirement form.  If declined, the SSVF Program Office will republish the GIFTS online requirement forms for the FY 2019 SSVF Grant Resolution and FY 2019 SSVF Budget Submission, in order to reflect the funding award amount on the current, signed grant agreement (MOA).  You will be notified when the requirements forms are republished and available for completion.  Please contact your SSVF Regional Coordinator, if you have any questions about these requirements. 


FY 2019 Budget Submission Due December 12, 2018


All grantees electing to accept the increased funding must submit a revised budget plan for FY 2019 operations by December 12, 2018.  Based on the recent funding increases to the SSVF appropriation, please ensure that the total budgeted amount on your resubmission matches the final FY 2019 grant award reflecting the 8.17% increase.  It is imperative that the budget is submitted using the required Excel Budget Template provided by VA for the FY 2019 NOFA process.  All grantees are required to complete the Budget Narrative tab within the Excel document.


The GIFTS online requirement form, SSVF Budget Submission, has been published to your agency’s designated GIFTS account holder and is now visible in the GIFTS account portal. The GIFTS account portal can be found at:  In addition, grantees have received an email notification indicating the funding amount increase and a copy of the Excel Budget Template.

IMPORTANT: SSVF Program Office has included feedback on the previous FY 2019 Budget Submissions from October 2018.  Grantees are required to review the notes and, if indicated, ensure that corrections are made for this budget resubmission.  It is expected that grantees will resubmit the budget, reflecting the increased funding amount, without significant deviation from the original budget submission.


NOTICE: FY 2019 Grant Resolution Requirement Available Next Week


For awareness, the SSVF Program Office will be publishing the FY 2019 Grant Resolution Requirement during the week of November 26, 2018.  The purpose of the Grant Resolution is to verify key program components including service area, households to be served, homelessness prevention threshold score, subcontracts (if applicable), and confirmation of the budgeted Services, Temporary Financial Assistance (TFA) and Administrative allocations for FY 2019.  Grantees electing to accept the 8.17% funding increase must ensure the Grant Resolution Requirement information aligns with the final grant award amount, as well as the projected expenses within the FY 2019 Budget Submission Requirement.


Thank you,


SSVF Program Office