National Center for Collaborative Healthcare Innovation

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Combating Health Care Complexities through Collaborative Innovation

This is a critically important time in medical history. The work we do at VA has the potential for broad, positive impact that will not only dramatically benefit our Veterans but also the world. As a result, we have both the opportunity and responsibility to be leaders in health care innovation. – Dr. Thomas Osborne, Director for National Center for Collaborative Healthcare Innovation (NCCHI)

Health care is faced with a confluence of enormous challenges and our current paradigm of care delivery is not scalable to meet these growing needs. Fortunately, the availability of advanced tools from other disciplines is accelerating, and it offers a tremendous promise for medicine.

Located in Silicon Valley, NCCHI is working in close collaboration with the VA Office of Information and Technology (OIT) between VA Palo Alto Health Care System, VHA Innovation Ecosystem, leading technology companies, and other government agencies to improve Veteran health care.

Intersectional collaboration focuses on:

  • Diverse Expertise: NCCHI aims to build innovative and scalable solutions by collaborating with experts from diverse disciplines ranging from academia, industry, VA, and other government agencies
  • Targeted Solutions: NCCHI is focused on early disease detection, prevention, treatment, clinical decision support, and operational efficiencies
  • Processes: NCCHI thoughtfully designs, develops, and implements solutions based on a deep understanding of key stakeholders needs and requirements. With close collaboration from VA OIT and VHA Innovation Ecosystem, solutions can be efficiently scaled to positively impact the lives of many more patients

Recently established in July 2019, NCCHI already has over 30 projects in its portfolio that span across VA priority areas and partnerships:

  • A collaboration with NCCHI, Verizon, Medivis, and Microsoft is bringing important 5G broadband infrastructure and augmented reality to enhance medical training, presurgical planning, as well as improve the efficiency and safety during surgeries
  • In partnership with Verily, Alphabet’s life sciences group, NCCHI is working to improve care, outcomes, and efficiency for Veterans around total knee arthroplasty, acute myocardial infarction, and alcohol abuse
  • In collaboration with the U.S. Department of Energy and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, NCCHI is bringing together advanced supercomputing with big data to better understand how to improve Veteran care
  • NCCHI is leading a VA enterprise-wide collaboration to address fall risk and prevention with advanced analytics, data visualization, improved workflows, and sensor technology
  • Through collaboration with DeepMind, a machine-learning algorithm was developed that can predict acute kidney injury days before it is normally detected, and NCCHI is working to incorporate this important tool in clinical care

American flags fly in the driveway leading to VA Palo Alto Heath Care System. Caption should read: VA Palo Alto Healthcare System NCCHI is located at the VA Palo Alto Health Care System, in the heart of Silicon Valley.