VHA 3D Printing Network COVID-19 Response

VA has entered into an MOU with the FDA and NIH 3D Print Exchange, to share data and coordinate on open-source medical products for the COVID-19 response. We are also working closely with America Makes, to provide resources that will connect health care providers and 3D printing organizations. Finally, VHA facilities can submit a 3D printing need for consideration and tracking to the VHA Procurement & Logistics Office.

How to engage: Interested in participating?


Submit your design for consideration and testing.



FDA is working rapidly to approve 3D printed solutions for COVID-19 response.



Find the latest 3D printed solutions on the NIH 3D Print Exchange.



America Makes is coordinating the capabilities of the additive community with the needs of the health care community.

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Located at a VA facility and need 3D printing tools, materials, or products printed?

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