VA Ventures

VA Ventures — established June 15, 2020 — is the newest Center for Innovation to Impact, formed in partnership with the Veterans Health Administration Innovation Ecosystem (VHA IE). VA Ventures will operate as an innovation incubator designed to promote early collaboration between VA, academia, start-ups, and industry. Its mission is to drive health care innovations towards sustainable, high-impact solutions, and ensure those innovations are delivered to VA patients first.

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VA Ventures Starts Where All VA Care Starts:


Veterans and frontline staff

By working directly with Veterans and staff, VA Ventures discovers the challenges facing them, enabling VA Ventures to then turn to academia, start-ups, and industry to develop solutions. This tactic means that those most impacted by these innovations are involved early and often in their creation, yielding human-centered designs that solve issues being experienced right now. Once challenges are discovered, VA Ventures solicits responses through hackathon events and quarterly pitch sessions.

VA Ventures is focusing on supporting innovations in five key areas:

  1. Improving access to care through homecare, telehealth innovations
  2. Personalizing health care solutions for each Veteran patient
  3. Uncovering new mechanisms for detecting, preventing, and treating disease through large-scale data analysis
  4. Building and supporting new ways to manage Veteran care across disciplines
  5. Delivering best-in-class care and products to Veterans at lower costs


More about VA Ventures

VA Ventures will work with a diverse network of partners in the academic and private sectors to identify, develop, and promote rapid commercialization of innovative solutions. The effort will initially focus on 3D and bioprinting, artificial intelligence and machine learning imaging, robotics, augmented and virtual reality, and rural access.


Dr. Beth Ripley
Enterprise Lead, VHA 3D Printing Network Initiative
Director, VA Ventures

“What we’ve been able to accomplish over the past three years—growing from 3 hospitals within VA that have 3D printing capabilities to 40 hospitals—[is] monumental. But I think the real accomplishment is how we really come together as a family and a network. We are sharing resources, sharing ideas, seamlessly handing off work so that patients that walk into one hospital see the experts in whatever disease or treatment that they need regardless of where they are in the network, link all of the people, resources, and talents together into this seamless enterprise that can deliver at the door of the Veteran, instead than asking them to travel.”