Value-Driven Framework for Evaluating Healthcare Innovations

To measure healthcare innovation success and value, the Office of Healthcare Innovation and Learning (OHIL) created a fit-for-purpose evaluation framework that focuses on four dynamic measures of value—access, effectiveness, efficiency, and equity—and follows three fundamental principles—meaningfulness, appropriateness of scale, and time to value realization.

With this new framework, there is an opportunity to:

  • Prioritize what matters to Veterans and continue to support excellence in value-driven Veteran healthcare
  • Design, develop and deploy a portfolio of mission-driven and sustainable healthcare innovations
  • Realize the dynamism of innovation value, yielding more significant health outcomes over time from individual and population levels

Anatomy of the Framework

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Designing a Path to High Value Care through Innovations that Matter to Veterans, Health System Leaders, and Innovation Decision-Makers

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Michael Borges
Veteran Patient Expert, U.S. Air Force Retired

“Technology is moving quickly and it’s hard for Veterans like me to keep up. I love my VA care. They never stop pushing the boundaries of how it can be better for me and my fellow Veterans.”
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Carolyn Clancy, MD
Assistant Under Secretary for Health for Discovery, Education, and Affiliate Networks

“We have an opportunity to redefine the blueprint for successful healthcare innovations. To be transformational, evaluation frameworks need to define true value as that which matters most to our Veteran patients.”
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Ryan Vega, MD, MHSA
Chief Officer, Office of Healthcare Innovation and Learning

“To innovate the path to high value care, we must first redefine value beyond just dollars and cents. To ensure that every dollar invested returns value to the Veterans we serve, we need to focus on measuring value across access, effectiveness, efficiency, and equity.”

The Evidence-Based Framework Uses a Mixed-Method Approach

The Value-Driven Framework for Evaluating Healthcare Innovations is the culmination of extensive research to include a literature review, expert interviews, and user-testing.

Value-Driven Framework In Action

PRIDE in all Who Served Program (PRIDE) is a 10-week health education group for LGBTQIA+ Veterans with the aim of reducing health care disparities and enabling dialogue related to health care needs.

3D Printing reimagines personalized care delivery and provides patient-specific solutions, even when no commercial products exist or are available

The Smart Health Education and Rehab Technology (SmartHEART) Program uses smartphone technologies and telehealth capabilities to deliver cardiac rehab to Veterans.

How to Deploy the Framework

The Value-Driven Framework for Evaluating Healthcare Innovations offers three solutions to decision makers:


  • Is your innovation portfolio balanced to meet your strategic goals?
  • Do you have a clear vision of how the innovations in your portfolio will mature over time and yield new value?


  • How do your investment opportunities in healthcare innovation promise to return value across the domains of access, effectiveness, efficiency, and/or equity?
  • How are your investment opportunities in healthcare innovation meaningful to Veterans?
  • What is the optimal scale of your investment opportunities in healthcare innovation?
  • What is the potential of investment opportunities in healthcare innovation to realize additional value over time?


  • How does your organization equip innovators with data that outlines the needs and experiences of Veterans to ensure meaningful innovation?
  • How does your organization track and measure impact across the “value measures” (access, effectiveness, efficiency, and equity) for each innovation?