United States Department of Veterans Affairs

Management Team

Security and Investigations Center


The daily execution of the program is the responsibility of the Director and Deputy Director

of the VA Security and Investigations Center (SIC), North Little Rock, Arkansas.  Management

oversight of the SIC is the responsibility of the Director for Personnel Security and Identity

Management.  The overall guidance and direction comes from the Assistant Secretary for

Operations, Security, and Preparedness (OSP).


As a Franchise Fund entity, the SIC also reports to the Franchise Fund Board of Directors.

Significant Board responsibilities include review and approval of the addition and/or deletion

of Enterprise Centers, annual budgets, rates, capital projects, and charter revisions.


The SIC works closely with the Franchise Fund Oversight (FFO) Office.  The  FFO provides

support by directing, reviewing, and analyzing budget formulations, managing overall financial

and business planning, and ensuring the Enterprise Center is informed of current trends, policies,

and legislation.