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Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

The IACUC is a subcommittee of the Research & Development Committee. The responsibility of the IACUC is to oversee use of animal subjects, including proposed and ongoing studies, as they relate to animal welfare laws, regulations, and policies. This oversight includes review of the appropriateness, quality and availability of the selected animal model, the humaneness and appropriateness of procedures and conditions surrounding animal subjects before and after the study, as well as the adequacy and availability of essential animal research facility support.

Deadlines and Meeting Dates

Deadline Date (Full ACORPs for Veterinary Pre-Review)

Deadline Date
Deadline Date December 28, 2020
Deadline Date January 25, 2021
Deadline Date February 22, 2021
Deadline Date March 22, 2021
Deadline Date April 26, 2021
Deadline Date May 24, 2021
Deadline Date June 21, 2021
Deadline Date July 26, 2021
Deadline Date August 23, 2021
Deadline Date September 28, 2021
Deadline Date October 18, 2021
Deadline Date November 15, 2021

Deadline Date (Pre-review Responses, Amendments, Renewals, and Terminations)

Deadline Date
Deadline Date January 7, 2021
Deadline Date February 4, 2021
Deadline Date March 4, 2021
Deadline Date April 1, 2021
Deadline Date May 6, 2021
Deadline Date June 3, 2021
Deadline Date July 1, 2021
Deadline Date August 5, 2021
Deadline Date September 2, 2021
Deadline Date October 7, 2021
Deadline Date October 28, 2021
Deadline Date November 24, 2021

IACUC Meeting (Full Committee Review)

Meeting Dates
Meeting Dates January 14, 2021
Meeting Dates February 11, 2021
Meeting Dates March 11, 2021
Meeting Dates April 8, 2021
Meeting Dates May 13, 2021
Meeting Dates June 10, 2021
Meeting Dates July 8, 2021
Meeting Dates August 12, 2021
Meeting Dates September 9, 2021
Meeting Dates October 14, 2021
Meeting Dates November 4, 2021
Meeting Dates December 2, 2021

Per Diems

Current per diem rates are listed below. Rates increased July 2004 due to inflationary costs of housing and care of animals in the Veterinary Medical Unit.

VMU Rates
Type of Animal Per Diem for VA-Funded Studies
Type of Animal Mouse Per Diem for VA-Funded Studies $0.60/cage
Type of Animal Mouse (specialized care) Per Diem for VA-Funded Studies $0.63/cage
Type of Animal Rat Per Diem for VA-Funded Studies $0.42/rat

Training Opportunities for Animal Users

Online Training

Free online training developed by VA Headquarters Office for Research and Development is available for animal users. This training is quick, easy, instructive, and mandatory. Instructions for accessing the training site are linked below.  Animal users need to complete the following course modules: Working with the Charleston IACUC, and protocol-specific species and technique modules (i.e. mouse, cat, surgery, antibody production). This training must be renewed triennially. To obtain educational credit for the training, print the certificate upon successful completion of the on-line exam and submit a copy to the Research Education Coordinator in the Research Office, Jenna Gillis ( For additional help, please contact Dr. Mary Ann McCrackin, Veterinary Medical Officer,

Working at BSL-II Level in Animal Areas

The BSL-II presentation, linked below, was developed to help guide investigators and staff on maintaining a safe working environment while working with BSL-II Level conditions in the animal environment.  To obtain additional information, please contact Dr. Mary Ann McCrackin, Veterinary Medical Officer 843-876-5206), or Krista Harris, VA Animal Facility Supervisor 843-792-9755).

Links to Additional Information  - Sponsored by the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS): This website contains regulations, online Animal Care Inspection reports, alternatives to animal research, etc.

USDA Animal Welfare Act - Laws that govern the use of animals in research.

Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals - National Research Council:  Description of policies used to evaluate animal care and use programs by the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care (AAALAC).

Animal Welfare Information Center – Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Agriculture:  Contains information on alternatives and data base searches that address reduction, refinement and replacement of animals.

The Johns Hopkins Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing:  This website contains news, information, discussion and resources pertaining to alternatives to animal testing.

View AVMA Guidelines for the Euthanasia of Animals: 2020 Edition:  - Information is contained on acceptable euthanasia techniques.

VA / MUSC IACUC Policies and Guidelines for the Use of Animals in Research (This is a non-VA website.  By clicking this link, you will leave the VA domain and go to the MUSC domain.)  This site also provides guidance on anesthetic/analgesic doses.

Any questions concerning the Ralph H. Johnson VAMC IACUC may be directed to: