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Long COVID Clinic available at Jesse Brown VA Medical Center

Do you know what Long COVID is? Did you know that Jesse Brown VA Medical Center has a program that treats Long COVID?

If you had COVID-19 and are still having symptoms 4 or more weeks later or have new health issues that started after you got sick, you might have Long COVID.

Some common symptoms of Long COVID include new or worsening:

  • Trouble concentrating, fatigue, trouble remembering things
  • No taste and smell, or food tastes “wrong”
  • Difficulty exercising
  • Cough or trouble catching your breathing
  • Heart racing or skipping beats
  • Lightheaded, dizzy, falling down
  • Headaches, blurry vision
  • Anxiety, depression, or trouble sleeping
  • Abdominal pain or constipation

Jesse Brown’s Long COVID program takes a Whole Health System approach that focuses on individual health and wellness goals to form a treatment plan.  The program works with multiple healthcare specialists, disciplines, and therapies. 

If you think you have Long COVID, you can get a referral to Jesse Brown’s Long COVID clinic from your primary care provider, a specialty clinic, or the inpatient services upon discharge from the hospital. We also accept requests from Tomah, Lovell, and Hines VA.



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