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Health Professional Trainees

Health Professional Trainee Processing Checklist


All Health Professions Trainees (HPTs) and instructors wanting to perform a clinical training assignment in the Columbia VA Health Care System (CVAHCS) must complete the items contained in the checklist below. Once ALL checklist items are complete, the entire packet of original printed items must be returned to the Education Service department at least five weeks before the scheduled clinical training date. NOTE: This checklist consists of TWO pages.

All Instructors: If you will be at CVAHCS with your students, you must go through a credentialing verification process if not previously accomplished. You must also complete this checklist if not previously submitted. Contact our HR office at 803-776-4000 ext 54209/56520 for additional credentialing requirements. Getting Started:

Print this Health Professions Trainees Processing Checklist (link below). Follow all instructions carefully. Each item is linked to a form or training resource. Select and complete per the “Special Instructions” and any other instructions on the form or training resource. Return all forms as one packet in the same order as outlined on this checklist. Place the initialed copy of this checklist on top. This will ensure your paperwork is processed in a timely manner. It is highly recommended that you keep a copy of all application items provided.

NOTE: Items with “*” are forms that can be completed online and then printed. Make sure to sign and date where necessary. PLEASE print legibly and only use black or blue ink on forms (no other color ink or pencil). Please DO NOT STAPLE or print double sided. Please use a paper clip as we must scan documents for processing. Thank you!


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