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Community Prosperity Partnership

About Us


The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) established the Community Prosperity Partnership (CPP), a mutually supportive coalition to promote collaborative efforts to address the needs of the Nation’s Minority Veterans and their dependents.  The CPP goal is to develop a seamless service delivery system that promotes employment opportunities, promotes education and associated youth initiatives, and fosters veterans’ business development in their communities.

CPP is a cooperative framework implementing activities supporting veterans and local communities

  • A delivery system supporting high-public-profile seamless service
  • A delivery system designed to encourage local community participation through volunteer service and civic participation
  • A delivery system featuring collaborative efforts among Federal, state, and local governments, affinity associations, veterans service organization, institutions or higher education, and the private sector

CPP is a major initiative that

  • Support a wide network of Federal agencies; community-based service organizations; veterans service organizations; corporations and other private sector organizations, and academic and trade institutions.
  • Establish a formal communications system that will foster; a two-way flow of information about Community needs, programs, resources, and infrastructure.
  • The principal Hispanic affinity association partner are the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), the largest and oldest organization in the United States and Puerto Rico. LULAC operates community-based programs with 700 LULAC councils nationwide. The principal veterans service organization partner is the American GI Forum (AGIF), the only congressionally chartered Hispanic veterans service organization.

How can you benefit?

  • Local communities benefit by: Promoting community identity, Identifying and addressing community needs, Establishing integrated local services, Promoting volunteerism, and Building a neighborhood approach to community service.

The CPP Summit is

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