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Dublin, Ga., VA Medical Center/EEO Diversity Program employees formed a partnership with the Macon Habitat for Humanity to provide a veteran and her three children a new home in Macon, Georgia. The three-bedroom, two-bath home was built from the ground up and includes a porch and yard. Dublin VA volunteers assisted with painting the interior windows, window sills, base boards, and doors and provided assistance with the landscaping that included digging holes and planting flowers. The VA employee volunteers were: Dr. JoAnn Hayward, Genetta Johnson, Nannette McClendon, Ilo Castleberry, Don Butler, Violet Freeman, Vanessa Perry, Elizabeth Hill and Shataya Taylor. Dublin’s collaboration with Macon Habitat for Humanity is a continuing initiative to assist Macon veterans and their families.

If you need further assistant, please contact the VA Public Affairs Office with Officer’s Janine Cameron at (478) 274-5440.


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