National Cemetery Administration

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), National Cemetery Administration (NCA), honors Veterans and their eligible family members with final resting places in national shrines and with lasting tributes that commemorate their service and sacrifice to our nation.

VA estimates that 553,000 Veterans in the United States and Puerto Rico died in 2016. Twenty percent of U.S. Veterans chose to be buried in a national or state Veterans cemetery in FY 2016. As new national and state Veterans cemeteries open, this percentage is expected to increase.

Percentage of Veterans Served Within 75 Miles of a State or National Cemetery

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NCA Statistics

• NCA maintains approximately 3.5 million gravesites at 135 national cemeteries, one national Veterans’ burial ground and 33 soldiers’ lots and monument sites in 41 states and Puerto Rico.

• Approximately 406,000 full-casket gravesites, 111,000 in-ground gravesites for cremated remains, and 112,026 columbarium niches are developed in VA's 135 national cemeteries.

• NCA manages approximately 21,400 acres within its cemeteries. Approximately 57 percent are undeveloped and, along with available gravesites in developed acreage, have the potential to provide approximately 5.3 million gravesites.

• Of the 135 national cemeteries, 77 are open to all interments; 17 can accommodate cremated remains and the remains of family members for interment in the same gravesite as a previously deceased family member; and 41 will perform only interments of family members in the same gravesite as a previously deceased family member.

• Since 1973, when VA managed 82 national cemeteries, annual interments in VA national cemeteries have increased by more than 262 percent, from 36,400 to 131,620 in FY 2016. Interments are expected to increase annually until the year 2020.

• Largest National Cemetery: Calverton, N.Y. 1,045 acres.

• Smallest National Cemetery: Hampton VAMC, Va. 0.03 acres.

• Oldest National Cemetery: 14 established in 1862 (12 are currently maintained by VA).

• Newest National Cemetery: Omaha National Cemetery, established in September 2016.

• Since 1973, NCA has furnished more than 13 million headstones and markers. In FY 2016, NCA furnished approximately 353,620 headstones and markers.

• NCA provided approximately 689,587 Presidential Memorial Certificates to the loved ones of deceased Veterans in FY 2016.

• Volunteers donated more than 263,000 hours at national cemeteries during FY 2016.

• More than 4.8 million people visited VA national cemeteries in FY 2016.