Governance Board Name

Bureau Code

CIO Involvement Description

VA Operations Board 00 The VA Operations Board (VAOB) is chaired by the Deputy Secretary and oversees the day-to-day operational management for the Department. The VAOB reviews, discusses, makes decisions, and provides recommendations on performance in key areas of departmental operations, Government Accountability Office (GAO), high-risk areas, and other department-wide policy, strategic direction, and resource allocation.
VA Executive Board (VAEB) Meeting 00 The VAEB is the final decision making body for VA. The VAEB reviews and evaluates data and information to determine VA s strategic direction, oversee the Departments Planning, Programming, budgeting, and execution.
VA ICAM Governance Council 00 The VA has established an integrated, agency-wide ICAM governance structure (VA ICAM Governance Council) in support of VA's Enterprise Risk Management capability to effectively govern and enforce ICAM efforts.