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Learn what the PACT Act means for your VA benefits

A Lifetime of Service Deserves a Lifetime of Healthcare

stan sharp
Retired U.S. Army Master Seargent Stan Sharp, one of his grandsons, and people of the Iraqi military.

Stan Sharp is a retired, U.S. Army Master Sergeant, who enlisted in 1976.

In his early career, Stan served as Military Police and a Combat Engineer, being stationed in Alaska, and New York. After active duty, Stan joined the Army Reserves.

Stan loved Military life, but even more, loved his family life. While in the reserves, Stan enjoyed his full-time job working for Rochester City School District, being a father to his two sons, and daughter, coaching his sons’ wrestling teams, and staying active in the community.

At the age of 55, Stan was called into active duty and was shocked to learn that he was being deployed to Iraq. For Stan, this experience felt much different than the younger soldiers, who were less experienced in their military careers. Stan was happy to serve in Iraq and work as a Liaison for the U.S. Army and the Iraqi Military. Stan eventually retired with over 30 years of military service. Despite his lifelong dedication to our country, Stan chose not to receive his healthcare with the VA.

Stan believed if he enrolled in VA healthcare, he would be taking away from other Veterans. Stan thought I don’t need anything, why take from others who need it? One day, Stan met VA Registered Nurse, Gillian Olson in the community, and the two made an instant connection. Gillian learned that Stan needed glasses, hearing aids, and other medical care. Gillian gave Stan the number to our Rochester Calkins VA Clinic and the rest is history. Stan is happy to share that he is getting the medical supplies and the care that he needs.

Stan's belief about taking care away from other Veterans is a common misconception many have about VA healthcare. In reality, the more Veterans who enroll, the more Veterans we can serve. Stan wants to relay one message to all other Veterans out there. “Get off your backside and enroll in VA Healthcare now. I wish I had registered sooner, as I have met some wonderful staff and am now getting the care that I need”.

The VA Finger Lakes is grateful to have the ability to serve Stan and all Veterans alike. Many VA employees are Veterans, who understand the life of service and sacrifice, and appreciate the comradery. If you are a Veteran who has not yet enrolled in our healthcare services, stop by one of our many locations, or call us at (585) 463-2687 to check for eligibility.

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