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VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System top stories.

Through a Veteran’s Eyes: A Day at the DOM

On any given day at the bustling Domiciliary (DOM) on the West Los Angeles VA Medical Center campus, Veterans stroll between the entrances of the DOM’s two buildings. They chat amongst themselves, rest on benches in the grassy courtyard or head to their daily classes.

Air Force Veteran Oscar Benn works in the on-site computer lab at the West LA VA Domiciliary (DOM) during his free time. The DOM curriculum includes classes and other activities and outings designed to help Veterans overcome mental health and substance use issues.

From Machine Gunner to Plumber to Provider: David Shay’s Journey to VA

Every day, registered nurse and Marine Corps Veteran David Shay sees the realities of homelessness firsthand. His patients are the most vulnerable of Veterans and have often experienced extreme trauma through their time in the military or from their life on the streets.

Two nurses prepare equipment.

Screen Queens: Taking the Scary out of Mammograms

Screening for breast cancer can be scary, and it’s okay to be afraid. Waiting on results can be especially frightening.

Sarah Viboolkitvorakul (left), mammography technologist and Dr. Stephanie Lee-Felker (middle), dedicated breast imaging radiologist, at a breast cancer awareness event with the women’s health team at the West LA VA campus. Candice Williams (right), mammography technologist, reviews images before forwarding to the radiologist for diagnosis.

Wolves, Warriors and Wellness: How Recreation Therapy Helps Heal Veterans

A howl echoes through the air at Lockwood Animal Rescue Center (LARC) as a group of Veterans gathers around the enclosure of a wolf who’s been rescued from troublesome circumstances.

(Left) Marine Corps Veteran Jared “Red” Velasco meets a rescued horse at the Lockwood Animal Rescue Center (LARC), a sanctuary where Veterans can interact with enclosed wolves, horses, raccoons, coyotes and more as part of their Recreation Therapy. (Right) Wolfdog Huey is another rescue that lives at the LARC and engages with Veteran visitors.

Veterans, VA Employees Promote Health, Support Homeless Charities

Veterans and Veterans Administration employees came together for fun and exercise in the 13th annual National VA2K Walk & Roll at the Wadsworth theater on the VA Greater Los Angeles Health Care System campus, on May 17 at approximately 11:30 a.m.

stretching at the VA 2k event

The Psychiatrist of the Opera

The lights in the theater lobby flicker. People file in, chatting and laughing. Soon the lights go off. The theater falls into darkness, silence and anticipation.

wells conducts his own music

Everything You Wanted to Know About Prostate Cancer, but Were Afraid to Ask

Am I going to survive this? Am I going to be able to function as a man?

Photo of Dr. Rettig

Healing through Theater

Virgil Corbin, an Army Veteran and passionate playwright, smiles from ear to ear while watching his fellow Veterans take center stage at the cozy Brentwood School Theater. He is fully immersed in the captivating performance unfolding before him.

Actors perform together on a stage.

More Than a Feeling

She was driving when the familiar feeling hit her: crushing chest pain, dizziness, sweating, a certainty that she was going to die.

mental health graphic

HPACT Is Fighting to Help Homeless Veterans Get Healthy and Housed

Members of the Homeless Patient Aligned Care Team (HPACT) have one very important thing in common: a powerful shared commitment to ending Veteran homelessness and ensuring this special population gets the comprehensive care they need and deserve.

The Homeless Patient Aligned Care Team’s (HPACT) Dr. Peter Capone-Newton (left) talks to Veteran John Raposa (right) at Care, Treatment and Rehabilitative Services (CTRS) on the West LA VA Campus. HPACT offers wraparound, integrative care for unhoused Veterans, helping them get healthy and housed.