Annual Income Limits - Health Benefits

2020 VA National and Priority Group 8 Relaxation Income Thresholds

Income Thresholds for Cost-Free Health Care, Medications and/or Beneficiary Travel Eligibility

Based on Income Year 2019

Veteran with: VA National Income Threshold VA Priority Group 8
Relaxation Threshold
VA Housebound Threshold VA Pension with Aid and Attendance Threshold VA Pension Threshold Medical Expense Deductible
0 dependents $34,171 or less $37,588 or less $16,805 $22,939 $13,752 or less $677
1 dependents $41,005 or less $45,106 or less $21,063 $27,195 $18,008 or less $886
2 dependents $43,356 or less $47,692 or less $23,414 $29,546 $20,359 or less $1,002
3 dependents $45,707 or less $50,278 or less $25,765 $31,897 $22,710 or less $1,118
4 dependents $48,058 or less $52,864 or less $28,116 $34,248 $25,061 or less $1,233
For each additional dependent add: $2,351 $2,351 $2,351 $2,351 $2,351 5% of the maximum allowable pension rate from the previous year
Child Earned Income Exclusion: $12,400

For certain Veterans the VA National Income Threshold (based on previous year’s gross household income) and/or net worth, is used to determine eligibility for Priority Group 5 assignment and cost-free VA health care. Applicable VA pension income thresholds are used to determine eligibility for cost-free medications and/or beneficiary travel benefits.

For Geographic-Based financial assessment (means test) information refer to

Note: Unreimbursed Medical expenses (what you paid out of pocket after medical insurance pays) may be deducted from your total gross household income. Unreimbursed medical expenses include: travel expenses, cost of a long term care institution or assisted living, health related insurance premiums (including Medicare premiums), diabetic supplies, private caregivers, incontinence supplies, prescriptions and dialysis not covered by any other health plan. Only the portion of the unreimbursed medical expenses that exceed 5% of the basic pension may be deducted (see Medical Expense Deductible).

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