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Hines Neuroscientist Gives Look into Severe TBI


December 13, 2013

Hines , IL — A clinical neuroscientist at Edward Hines Jr. VA Hospital is educating the public about a commonly-seen injury in Veterans as part of a bi-weekly documentary series on severe Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

Dr. Theresa Pape explains severe TBI in a four-part series, produced by neuro.RAPT, that takes viewers on a journey into severe TBI, its causes and symptoms, and research developments.

“An important component of my job is to disseminate scientific knowledge to all audiences,” said Pape. “This series is a great opportunity that allows me to reach people of all ages with all backgrounds.”

TBI occurs when external force on the brain causes the brain to be injured, resulting in an injury that can range from mild to severe.

“Severe traumatic and non-traumatic brain injuries are catastrophic events characterized by disordered consciousness,” said Pape. “While some persons recover full consciousness swiftly, others will experience an extended period of disordered consciousness evolving into complex cognitive and physical impairments and possibly a chronic condition.”

LG Taylor, founder of neuro.RAPT, hopes viewers gain an increased understanding of severe TBI after watching the series. “This series offers a comprehensive overview of severe TBI and some of the exciting research developments,” said Taylor. “Additionally, it invites viewers to feel and gain an emotional understanding of this injury. Hopefully, this will lead to a vested commitment from the community to help those who suffer from this condition.”

The first episode, A Journey into Severe Traumatic Brain Injury, was released Dec. 6. Episode two, Common Brain Lesions Associated with Severe Traumatic Brain Injury, will be released Dec. 16; episode three, Neural Repair after Severe Traumatic Brain Injury, will be released Dec. 30; and episode four Neural Repair with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, will be released Jan. 13. The series can be viewed on the Hines VA Hospital Facebook page at

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